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"Debbie was amazing. It was our first home-buying experience and we didn't even know where to start. She guided us through all the steps, walked us through the paperwork, and made sure everything went well from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home." - Ashley R.

"Debbie was awesome from day one. I am a first time home buyer and was purchasing the home I was renting directly from the owner and was not represented by an agent. She was careful and very detailed in explaining the entire process and stayed by my side throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend her!" - Jennifer T.

"Considering all the new regulations, documentation and meeting all the deadlines for closing I felt like Debbie and her team were taking care that the details and necessary progress was made. They made it as simple as possible for me and I appreciated the direct communication." - Betti B.

"I cannot thank you enough for all your effort in assuring that we were successful in closing our loan in a timely manner. I truly appreciate your guidance and patience with us through the loan process. You went above and beyond, and without you, I know we would not be living in our dream home/property! Thanks again for making our dreams come true!" - Cara R.

"Having dealing with another Mortgage Company for three months trying to get refinanced we grew very frustrated and told them if we didn't have an answer by the end of the next day we would move our business somewhere else. Well we didn't get an answer I phoned Debbie Laney and in less than 3 weeks we had closed our loan. Awesome job Debbie!! Debbie is also very knowledgeable about the VA process." - Brenda D.

Getting a mortgage these days is tedious and frustrating, but People's Mortgage made it as bearable as possible! I got a good rate in a timely fashion by fastidiously providing the data requested. Debbie Laney is delightful to deal with, and Ann LeBeau is patient." - Jeanne G.

"Ms. Laney and her staff provided the best service I have had in the purchasing of over six homes during my lifetime. By far and away, they kept me informed, answered my questions in a timely fashion, and were extremely efficient and effective." - Mark K.

"After I received word from a local lender that my credit score was to low to qualify for a VA refinance and who assured me that if I liked what they did for me to tell a friend, if not I should contact the owner and he would fix it. Unfortunately, I was not ever able to reach the owner of that very famous local lender and figured if a well known large local lender like that couldn't help me no one could. That was until February 4th, 2013 and while heading into the North gate of Peterson Air force Base I decided to get a second opinion on my situation and stop by People's Mortgage, right there on the corner. I walked in and was greeted by the Branch Manager, Debbie Laney who listen to my situation of having a VA first mortgage with an interest rate of 5.75% and a second mortgage with a rate of 11.79% and she said "oh no, we have to fix that." I was paying almost $2400.00 a month for a $250,000 house and was at 100% appraised value of the property. Debbie told me that 100% VA refinance loans were very uncommon but that they can be done if I was willing to do what it took to get it done with the partnership of her team of VA loan experts of Danielle and Michelle who would help me through the process. Look, I understand if by now you are bored with my post about Debbie Laney and People's mortgage, all I can tell you is that we overcame the hurdles that were put in front of us and my wife and I closed on our VA Refinance on Friday, April 12th, 2013 with a saving over $1000.00 a month and have an interest rate of 3.75%. Did I mentioned we closed after hours and at their location because that was the only time we could make it all together at one time and did I mention Debbie also re-looked at my home owners insurance situation as well saving me over a $1000.00 a year. Were there hurdles...yes...did we close on a new cost savings loan...yes...did it save us a ton of money...yes...would I do it again with People's Mortgage...YES!!! If you don't believe me stop by and ask for Debbie, Danielle or Michelle and get that opinion!!!!" - Doug



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